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Hi Everyone!  I have some cool news to share.  I'm very excited to announce that I have signed with the award-winning music firm Big Noise who will be providing me with career direction and strategy, publicity, and music industry outreach.  Big Noise has worked with Christina Aguilera, The Beach Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Katharine McPhee, Smokey Robinson, Chicago, Dionne Warwick, Viola Davis, and!  I'm looking forward to sharing with you all the exciting developments as they happen over the next months.  Stay tuned!

Last Day Deaf

"We really love the powerful vocals, the noir atmosphere, and the ace flow of born in Texas and raised in Illinois singer-songwriter, actress, and recording artist Chinara‘s recent r&b banger OUTERSPACE. This anthem speaks to anyone who has used inner strength to persevere and chase their dreams..."

By Last Day Deaf


By ExtraVaFrench

"Dès les premières notes, “OUTERSPACE” enveloppe l’auditeur d’une ambiance onirique et puissante, où la voix cristalline de Chinara résonne comme un phare dans l’obscurité. Les paroles, pleines d’espoir et d’affirmation de soi, s’élèvent sur des accords vibrants et un rythme envoûtant, créant un morceau qui inspire et élève."


Translation: "From the first notes, “OUTERSPACE” envelops the listener in a dreamlike and powerful atmosphere, where Chinara’s crystalline voice resonates like a beacon in the darkness. The lyrics, full of hope and self-affirmation, rise over vibrant chords and a haunting rhythm, creating a track that inspires and uplifts."


By Tiana Testa

"Artiste à la voix suave et aux textes poignants, Chinara s’inspire de sa connexion physique et spirituelle avec son partenaire pour créer cette ode à l’intimité. “All Night” se distingue par son ambiance bluesy et ses paroles évocatrices...“All Night” est plus qu’une chanson ; c’est une fenêtre ouverte sur le cœur de l’artiste, offrant aux auditeurs une expérience émotionnelle riche et authentique, où l’amour se vit dans la joie et le respect mutuel."


Translation: "An artist with a suave voice and poignant lyrics, Chinara is inspired by her physical and spiritual connection with her partner to create this ode to intimacy. “All Night” stands out for its bluesy ambiance and evocative lyrics... “All Night” is more than a song; it is a window open to the heart of the artist, offering listeners a rich and authentic emotional experience, where love is lived in joy and mutual respect."



" 'Eternity', the debut EP from R&B artist Chinara, sees her drilling down into the emotional terrain that comes with being in relationships and trusting your heart to others. Over the course of 4 songs, Chinara establishes herself as a performer who knows how to display vulnerability from a position of strength. The song Miss Me moves in a mournful kind of way but the young vocalist works a feeling of empowerment into the song from the very start. She doesn’t hide the fact that a past breakup affected her deeply, but she sounds confidently assured when she sings 'I don’t want you anymore/ I thought I’d never close that door/ You don’t know me like before/ I’m the one that they adore.' ... ” 



" Staggering and heartfelt, the newly released single 'Eternity' from singer/actress Chinara feels wholeheartedly upfront in its pleas while also revealing itself to be steadied by a tightly held inner pride. As Chinara’s bittersweet cries to her soon-to-be-former lover fill the air, she casts herself as a woman unafraid to show just how emotionally vulnerable she feels in the moment. "

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